The queen has hairy legs

photos #2,3,4,5 taken by William Heuberger (

When differentiating the edible wildflower Queen Ann's Lace from deadly Hemlock, the saying goes: "the queen has hairy legs" whereas the stems of the hemlock are shiny and smooth.

For over a year, I grew out my body hair.  All of it.  From head to toe; head hair to toe hair.  I began in the spring and didn’t shave again until the end of the following summer.  I let my hair sprout and grow to its fullest potential because I’ve never seen my adult body untouched by American social grooming norms.  Really? I never let myself go?  Well, maybe for a month or so during the winter, but never for this long a period of time, to this degree of hairiness all around, with this much intent to observe how I really felt about it, and with this much exposed to others.  I was curious what my female body really looked like without trying to change it and supposedly make it look 'more attractive.'  I was curious how I would feel about my fuzzy self and how others might respond...

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