large scale prints

Photographed during early spring, the branches, grasses, and vines have dabs of color with budding leaves and flowers, yet the strong linear element still commands the images.  Leading the eye in circles, nature gestures in sketch-like lines, painting in Jackson Pollock-like arches, loops, and tangles that leave the viewer in a state of visual paradox, lost both in chaotic tangle and the zen of organic order. 

The fractal structure of the natural world evokes a parasympathetic response, and yet, the images also represent a sense of anxiety visualized in a wild mess of lines like endlessly knotted string.  These images are about finding beauty in chaos, peace with what we cannot control.  When we venture out into the woods, we enter a place as unpredictable and mysterious as it is beautiful and serene.  Can we enjoy the beautiful disarray and discover relief relinquishing control to the natural order of our lives; uncovering comfort in an innate intelligence that finds its own harmony when we let it? 

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