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Metphorically, light carries the presence of higher knowledge, reason, divine radiance.  In the physical world, light lets us visually perceive structure, form, space.  In the series Transfigurations, that light which illuminates, exposes, defines, is being used as a means to conceal and transcend form.  As an overpowering light blinds the eye of the camera, instead of a record of an object in space, the result is what the title suggests, a transfiguration of form through the use of light. 


Suffusing the image to such intensity that the boundaries of the body become consumed by overexposure, light invades and shapes a series of figures which begin to merge into the surrounding atmosphere, transfigured by and into light.  An ambiguity of form results, a lack of definition between positive and negative space, between subject and ground.  Without definitive boundary, an extension of self is suggested. The body appears to lose part of its mass while gaining the indefinite form of possibility as the light takes on a positive presence in its act of concealment while creating space to be filled and imagined by the viewer. 


Transfigurations is a series of nudes which conceal through the use of light.  Emphasis turns not to what is visually present but what is absent.


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